Welcome to Aerie Experiences

We offer experiential, adventure-based, wilderness and therapeutic activities for children, individuals and families navigating Neurobiological Disorders, Aspergers, High Functioning Autism, Learning Disabilities and other special needs. To see our programs in action, check out our Aerie Programs Video Slidehow on our YouTube channel.

Our social skills groups are tailored for children ages 8-12, and designed to increase children's ability to engage in developmentally appropriate social activities, and to provide children with a supportive place to play and fit in.
More information about our Educational and Treatment Planning services! To inquire, email mdweneta@aerieexperiences.com.
Our year-round weekend programs serve children and teens and are designed to remove them from the hustle and technology of daily life so they may focus on overcoming their own personal challenges or obstacles.
We've added a new social adventures class that combines equine and musit therapy to enhance non-verbal communication and listening skills. Starting in September, space is limited. Learn more!